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[audio]Acid Baby - Asaguare
Hardcore lullaby with autotuned baby cries. Not for the weak! Distorted percussion: IGTB
Keywords: alternative; industrial; acid; experimental; dancefloor; vocals; baby; autotune; lullaby
Downloads: 33
[audio]Reise Ins Nichts III - Asaguare
Harmonic noise mashup with electronic beats. Part 3 in the 'Reise Ins Nichts' (Trip Into Nothing) series, a compilation of ambient soundscapes. Female vocals: Claudia Pinto
Keywords: instrumental; alternative; ambient; experimental; minimal; tech; cluster; pad; vocals; chill; soundscape
Downloads: 78
[audio]Reise Ins Nichts VIII - Asaguare
Part 8 in the 'Reise Ins Nichts' (Trip Into Nothing) series, a compilation of ambient soundscapes.
Keywords: instrumental; minimal; ambient; percussion; pad; chill; soundscape
Downloads: 52
[audio]Ejnerog - Asaguare
Surreal little song with industrial ambience. Vocals: Inna Barmash
Keywords: ambient; industrial; minimal; downtempo; experimental; postmodern; avantgarde; noise; glitch; vocals; chill; soundscape
Downloads: 70
[audio]Asa Non Grata - Asaguare
Psychedelic Minimal scape with choral drone.
Keywords: instrumental; ambient; alternative; psychedelic; experimental; minimal; choir; voice; pad; chill; soundscape
Downloads: 86
[audio]Una Cancion - Asaguare
Ambient Latin Jazz with vocal improvisation.
Keywords: ambient; latin; jazz; vocals; lyrics; song; improvisation; rhodes; lounge; chill
Downloads: 149
[audio]Fmoub - Asaguare
Free Jazz - Avantgarde essay in A Minor. If you don't feel comfortable with the first few bars then better skip this tune - it won't become less complex thereafter. Actually it's a pretty straight 7/8 beat and harmonically far from atonal, so at least the Jazz fans among us might like it; in particular its uncommon classical chamber music instrumentation. Strings: Ronald Brunce Smith, Peter Sculthorpe Drums: Bill Ray
Keywords: experimental; avantgarde; jazz; classic; strings; instrumental
Downloads: 48
[audio]Anolytiom - Asaguare
Classical style woven melodies on an electronica background. The term 'Anolyt' (in the title) is an expression from paranormal science - Anolyt stands for alteration of water molecules due to cosmic radiation; the atomic bindings of hydrogen and oxygen are slightly bowed, resulting in a spheric form which widens the information depot. The occuring polarisation is equated with a 'male' principle.
Keywords: minimal; instrumental; ambient; electronica
Downloads: 52
[audio]Magnetic Resonance Illusion - Asaguare
Disturbing vocal hallucination during an MRI Session, dedicated to Tommy Cole. Part 2 in the 'Cranial Acres' series, a compilation of psychedelic and experimental sound installations.
Keywords: experimental; environment; industrial; psychedelic; machine; noise; voice
Downloads: 78
[audio]Bad Luck - Asaguare
Mantra-like drone and rapping on percussive 5/4 beat. Vocals, lyrics: Camburn Synth theme: John Farrell/John Fisher (aka Bagger 288)
Keywords: alternative; experimental; electronica; synth; drone; vocals; lyrics; rap; english
Downloads: 61
[audio]Chandala - Asaguare
Percussive world/pop mashup with Indian flair.
Keywords: alternative; world; pop; percussion; ethno; vocals
Downloads: 91
[audio]Arrival - Asaguare
Instrumental essay.
Keywords: alternative; instrumental; soundscape
Downloads: 39
[audio]Lethiom - Asaguare
Minimal and experimental; featuring Fenix vocodered.
Keywords: ambient; experimental; minimal; vocals; vocoder
Downloads: 58
[audio]Sharkhi Maniac - Asaguare
Impish little club tune, dedicated to my buddy Nosrat Charkhi (aka Noston).
Keywords: dancefloor; disco; retro; electronica; minimal; vocals; vocoder
Downloads: 72
[audio]Beaux Airs - Asaguare
Meditative choral soundscape. Chillout ambience with a bit of delayed chanting.
Keywords: alternative; ambient; vocals; choir; chant; soundscape; chill
Downloads: 93
[audio]Ars Entropi - Asaguare
Experimental, slightly droned soundscape.
Keywords: ambient; experimental; drone; soundscape; chill
Downloads: 69
[audio]Uitlander - Asaguare
Dark Synthrock mashup
Keywords: alternative; progressive; rock; metal; electronica; synth; glitch; noise; vocals
Downloads: 71
[audio]Bigfrogs - Asaguare
Nicely flowing little big frog concert for an evening chillout.
Keywords: ambient; electronica; synth; nature; frogs; environment; chill
Downloads: 104
[audio]Simple Things - Asaguare
Swinging retro orchestral waltz, embedding a pop tune and modern beats. Lyrical vocals: Leza Backing vocals: Gloria Mandela Saxophone: Stef
Keywords: alternative; pop; waltz; orchestra; retro; vocals; lyrics; song; english; chill
Downloads: 153
[audio]24 Ton Elephant - Asaguare
Minimal atmospheric piano ballad. Vocals, lyrics: Kaer Trouz
Keywords: ambient; minimal; piano; vocals; lyrics; song; ballad; english; chill
Downloads: 137
[audio]Bionic Territory - Asaguare
Industrial - Contemplative noisy framework built on grim distorted beats. Backing voice: Anchor Mejans
Keywords: instrumental; industrial; electronica; glitch; noise; dark; synth; voice; chant
Downloads: 69
[audio]All I Want - Asaguare
Nice and simple ambient ballad with guitars and flute, featuring Kaer Trouz (lyrics and vocals).
Keywords: alternative; pop; vocals; lyrics; song; ballad; ambient; english
Downloads: 32
[audio]Rainbow At Night - Asaguare
Minimal and chilling poetry setting. Added some guitar lines. Vocals: Riyu Konaka Lyrics: Bun Onoe (After Woman)
Keywords: ambient; minimal; vocals; lyrics; spoken; poem; poetry; chill
Downloads: 60
[audio]389 Volt - Asaguare
Minimal sound environment with melodic voice. Part 10 in the 'Cranial Acres' series, a compilation of psychedelic and experimental sound installations.
Keywords: experimental; ambient; minimal; psychedelic; noise; vocals; chill
Downloads: 58
[audio]Waiting For The Sun - Asaguare
Dreary lament on a drab and murky rainy day. Vocals, lyrics: narva9
Keywords: alternative; pop; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 35
[audio]Gates Of Sedah - Asaguare
Ambient Electronica
Keywords: instrumental; ambient; electronica; synth; glitch; noise; pad; drone; voice; chill
Downloads: 89
[audio]Golem Plexus - Asaguare
Part 4 in the 'Cranial Acres' series, a compilation of psychedelic and experimental sound installations.
Keywords: instrumental; experimental; psychedelic; minimal; noise; glitch
Downloads: 51
[audio]Again Again Repeat - Asaguare
Pretty much monotone Minimal Tribaltech. As the title says, you'll hear these words repeated again and again. Still this mantra is kind of entertaining because it comes in continuously varied filtered and processed flavours.
Keywords: dancefloor; minimal; electronica; vocals; vocoder
Downloads: 67
[audio]After The War - Asaguare
Experimental tune with darkish ambience - for those who demand less Pop and more Noise. Vocals, lyrics: SackJo22
Keywords: experimental; progressive; electronica; vocals; lyrics; song; english; soundscape; noise; drone
Downloads: 36
[audio]Cantxiki - Asaguare
Minimal piano theme with strange vocal melodies. Vocals: txikitrasto
Keywords: ambient; minimal; vocals; chill
Downloads: 60
[audio]Ziklopecz - Asaguare
Impressionistic cyclop theme, just as I heard it in a very strange dream last night.
Keywords: jazz; instrumental; synth; guitar; cyclop; improvisation
Downloads: 58
[audio]Beyond The Night - Asaguare
Rock the disco! Lyrical vocals: SkullCandi
Keywords: dancefloor; disco; rock; vocals; english
Downloads: 68
[audio]Arianic - Asaguare
Simple Trance/Techno mashup - dedicated to Ariane, a former roommate. Recently found an old recording of one of her calls to my answering machine. Thought it would be a funny idea to embed it in this tune (somewhere in the middle). It's a couple of German sentences about a weekend meeting to play chess or go for a walk, nothing special.
Keywords: electronica; techno; trance; dancefloor; vocals; spoken; german
Downloads: 62
[audio]Onze Aperitifs - Asaguare
Laidback tootling and a fairly drunken singer.
Keywords: ambient; lounge; humour; vocals; chill
Downloads: 50
[audio]Walk On - Asaguare
Stumbled upon this acappella tune from narva9 and thought 'hey, let's add some blues instrumentals'. So I recorded a bit of mouth harp and guitar playing, and twiddled with a sort of shuffled drumloop. It didn't work out as groovy as I intended, but has its own nice drive. Vocals, lyrics: narva9
Keywords: blues; swing; groove; guitar; vocals; lyrics; song; english; harp; revolution
Downloads: 41
[audio]Xaerocs Machine - Asaguare
Alternative Trance Not quite a headbanger but a hipwinger: still danceable (7/4 meter) tech house club music riffs, charged with postmodern poetry snippets. Voice, lyrics: Sue Tompkins
Keywords: alternative; trance; dancefloor; vocals; spoken; poetry
Downloads: 39
[audio]Vuvuzelious - Asaguare
Technoish beats along vuvuzela drone. I'm not really a soccer fan. I'm not even much interested in this current world championship. But there seem to be many crazy guys in my neighbourhood; when a match is shown on tv you can hear them blowing their horn, called vuvuzela. What an annoying sound when you're about to have a little afternoon sleep. Yet an interesting noise for drones. So here are technoish beats along a rather shy vuvuzela drone.
Keywords: alternative; electronica; instrumental; dancefloor; soccer; vuvuzela; drone
Downloads: 40
[audio]Sooner Or Later - Asaguare
After weeks of non-music projects I felt a strong necessity to tinker a new song in Audacity today. Rather quickly I found some drumloops and a choral clip on a VST site, then a nice pella by Trifonic on ccmixter. Finally rendered a couple of MIDI bass bars to WAVs, so all ingredients could be dropped into Audacity easily. A bit of tempo/pitch correction, clipping and arranging, et voila, there it was.....
Keywords: downtempo; rock; pop; ballad; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 41
[audio]Slipped Away - Asaguare
Acappella Ballad. Lead vocals, lyrics: narva9
Keywords: ambient; acappella; ballad; vocals; lyrics; english; song; choir; night
Downloads: 65
[audio]Sterben - Asaguare
Weird cover version of the song 'Sterben' (Dying) written by my niece Ronja. Lyrics and melody have been altered slightly for rhyming and singing purposes. My voice sounds pretty strange (like a drunken hag) due to massive pitching and processing.
Keywords: pop; vocals; lyrics; song; german
Downloads: 153
[audio]Phoebeon - Asaguare
Chilling beats with ethno flair.
Keywords: electronica; mashup; ethno; vocals; oriental
Downloads: 112
[audio]Start Again - Asaguare
Adagio piano ballad. Piano: Tate McNeil Vocals, lyrics: Emily Richards (aka snowflake)
Keywords: ambient; minimal; pop; piano; vocals; lyrics; song; ballad; english; chill
Downloads: 153 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Siempre - Asaguare
Peculiar atmospheric Electropop tune. Vocals, lyrics: SilviaO
Keywords: alternative; electronica; pop; synth; vocals; lyrics; latin; song; spanish
Downloads: 57
[audio]Reise Ins Nichts XI - Asaguare
Part 11 in the 'Reise Ins Nichts' (Trip Into Nothing) series, a compilation of ambient soundscapes.
Keywords: instrumental; alternative; minimal; ambient; piano; pad; chill; soundscape
Downloads: 71
[audio]W8 Here 4 U - Asaguare
Chilling pop arrangement. Vocals, lyrics: Emily Richards (aka snowflake)
Keywords: pop; vocals; lyrics; song; chill; english
Downloads: 43
[audio]Zubmerine - Asaguare
Electronica/Rock ambience.
Keywords: instrumental; alternative; electronica; rock; ambient; chill
Downloads: 42
[audio]Perihel - Asaguare
Strange voices on percussive ground.
Keywords: minimal; ambient; experimental; percussion; psychedelic; vocals; chill
Downloads: 141
[audio]Reise Ins Nichts XII - Asaguare
Part 12 in the 'Reise Ins Nichts' (Trip Into Nothing) series, a compilation of ambient soundscapes. Add. Cello: Geert Veneklaas Add. Violin: Dimitri Artemenko
Keywords: instrumental; ambient; cello; violin; choir; chill; soundscape
Downloads: 85
[audio]Yonderly - Asaguare
Swinging downtempo essay; a theme I wrote somewhere in the 80's, sitting in my favourite cafe. At that day I noted the chords and impro ideas down on a scrap of paper and put it in my coat's inside pocket. Well, you guess it, that's where the draft resided a veeeery long time. Recently, winnowing my old clothing, I recovered the tune, and immediatedly recorded it to not lose it again. Then, listening this rather minimal arrangement, I decided to apply a bit of sound variation to the lead guitar ...
Keywords: instrumental; jazz; swing; downtempo; guitar; improvisation
Downloads: 64
[audio]Reise Ins Nichts IV - Asaguare
Psychedelic collage with choral cluster. Part 4 in the 'Reise Ins Nichts' (Trip Into Nothing) series, a compilation of ambient soundscapes.
Keywords: instrumental; alternative; ambient; glitch; vocals; choir; pad; cluster; chill; soundscape
Downloads: 76
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